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MSM Driving School

09 - Mar - 2014

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How To deal with Meeting Traffic

How To deal with Meeting Traffic

Meeting Traffic

Meeting Approaching Traffic

Meeting approaching traffic will mainly be where there are parked cars and you have oncoming vehicles.


If the obstruction is on your side of the road oncoming vehicles have priority, you must not cause oncoming vehicles to change speed or direction.
Be prepared to sacrifice priority when you're not sure if oncoming drivers are going to let you through (where the obstruction is on their side).

Flashing Lights
Some people may flash their headlights as a sign they are willing for you to proceed, judge their speed and position to confirm their intentions to let you through. The true meaning of flashing headlights are for 'a warning of presence' so be sure of their intentions - they may not have been flashed at you. As this is the true meaning of flashing your headlights do not use to beckon people on.

Hold Back Position
If you need to stop, aim to keep a reasonable clearance from the obstruction (say 1/2 car lengths) and as close as safe to the right, as this will help your view of the road ahead and confirm your intentions. If you are too close to the left following traffic may think that you are parked up and overtake you. Move off safely as soon as clear.
On approach use the MSM routine

Is it safe to change position?

Consider a signal and indicate right only if you think anyone will benefit. Your road position and speed will also confirm your intentions.

Position - move over to the centre of the road where possible on approach. Speed - approach slow enough to allow you to come to a nice, smooth stop if needed. Look -down the road is it safe to go?

Approach slow enough to enable you to stop safely if necessary and be aware of not only car doors opening but pedestrians walking out from behind parked cars or vehicles emerging from side roads.




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